Baby Formula Reviews

Baby Formula Reviews

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There is a certain stigma around formula that is very destructive. No mom should be made to feel guilty for choosing formula. There are so many reasons breastfeeding is not right or not possible, and the bottom line is that the baby is getting the nutrition that they need. The saying “fed is best” is a slogan I fully support because I support moms no matter what. When you meet a mom, who feeds with formula, be kind, keep your feelings to yourself, and know that it is probably a very sensitive topic. It is likely that the mom struggled with guilt for weeks before finally deciding to use formula.

So, let’s talk about what kind of formula to get. There are so many on the market right now, and unfortunately, they are not all created equally. This post includes 3 main sections. The first is all the different types of formulas, what they are, and when they are appropriate. Following that section are clean options for all the formulas. I have done extensive research to find all the best options that keep the baby away from harmful additives such as pesticides, growth hormones, BPA, etc. Finally, at the bottom, you will find a glossary of all the terms underlined. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice. I am just a label reader/ researcher looking for the best ingredients for every baby.

Types of formula

  • First infant formula
    • This is the first formula you should give the baby. It only contains whey protein and not casein, which is believed to be easier to digest.
    • Suitable from birth and should be used unless otherwise suggested by a pediatrician.
  • Goats’ milk formula
    • Made with the same standards as cow’s milk-based formula but is less likely to cause allergies.
    • This is ideal for babies who are sensitive to soy and lactose.
  • Anti-reflux formula (stay down)
    • This formula is thickened to help it settle in babies’ stomachs. It is recommended that you only use this formula under medical supervision.
    • Read preparation instructions carefully as they may differ from regular formula.
  • Lactose-free formula
    • Only a pediatrician can diagnose if your baby has a lactose allergy. There is no benefit to this formula unless the baby has a confirmed allergy, which is rare in babies.

All information obtained from the NHS, for more information, click here.

The ingredients to avoid in formulas include:

  • Carrageenan
  • Maltodextrin
  • GMOs
  • Synthetic nutrients
  • Synthetic DHA and ARA
  • Preservatives
  • Palm oil
  • Sweeteners such as brown rice syrup


Clean formulas

Holle Organic Baby formula

Very popular European brand. Supposedly one of the highest quality formula brands available. Said to help ease colic symptoms.

Baby’s Only Organic

American-made, easily accessible, and responsibly sourced DHA and ARA.

Happy Baby Organic Formula

It comes in 3 stages and contains probiotics and a prebiotic.

Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula

Goats milk is an excellent alternative to cows milk. It comes in 3 stages and is upheld to European standards. The downside is it does contain maltodextrin, which is a sugar additive that can cause digestive issues in some babies.

Designed By Nature Goat Milk Formula

Excellent goat milk formula that has no soy, corn, GMOs, food dyes, pesticides, or artificial sweeteners.

Hipp Comfort Infant Formula

Reduced lactose comfort to help ease digestive issues for sensitive babies.

Hipp Anti-Reflux Baby Formula

This formula uses locust bean gum to make it thicker, so it’s easier for the baby to keep down.


Casein: the main protein found in cow’s milk.

Whey: the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds.

Soy: protein derived from soybeans.

Lactose: sugar present in milk

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