Green Deodorant

Green Deodorant

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If you are reading this post you are either onboard with switching to natural deodorant or still on the fence. Let me be the first to tell you it is not as hard as you might think and most people do the switch all wrong.

Mainstream deodorants are full of antiperspirants which clog your sweat glands. What happens when you start detoxing is everything that has been stuck in there finally comes out. Our sweat glands also help eliminate toxins from our bodies which has been stuck as well. Basically, it’s going to stink but only temporarily. You can even expedite the process by sitting in saunas and getting a good sweat going. My best advice is to take a small soap with you and when you feel like you smell just give yourself a quick rinse. Again, this is temporary.

So once you have made it through the detox, about a week or so, you can begin the process of finding a good deodorant. This is probably my biggest quarrel with natural deodorant is they don’t all work the same. Some don’t work at all and others have too much baking soda that causes rashes. I think it boils down to each person’s chemistry as to how they react. Below is a review on each brand that I have tried as well as give you some good tips on how to try them for less.

The 3 that I approve of all have an Amazon link to check them out.



This is the brand I have settled on. The deodorant applies very smoothly and doesn’t leave my armpits irritated (most of the time). I do think that I have sensitive armpits so when I do have a small outbreak I just stop wearing it for a couple days and it goes back to normal. The irritation is most likely caused by sweat so to reduce this from happening I just do my best to stay dry.

Native offers a small variety pack that you can get to see if it works for you and also is a good opportunity to test out the different scents. My favorite scents are coconut & vanilla, lavender & rose and cucumber & mint. This is sold in Target and on Amazon. You can also sign up for a subscription service on their website for a discounted price.


Schmidts has. Some of the best smelling deodorants but made me break out every time I used it. You can get this either in stick form or in a jar that you apply with your fingertips. My favorite scents are bergamot & lime, rose & vanilla and cedar wood & juniper.

This is also sold on Amazon as well as their online store. Just like Native, they offer a travel pack which gives you the opportunity to try out small versions before purchasing the real deal. I have actually also seen them at my local Marshall’s for a very discounted price.

Primal pit paste

PPP was my first natural deodorant attempt. These are also offered in jar and stick form and have good smells. This also gave me a horrible rash, worse than any other company. It has been a couple years since I tried them and I heard that they have since changed their formula so I would definitely give them a shot.

They are found on Amazon and Thrive Market and also offer a travel bundle to test smells.


I found a stick of this on clearance at whole foods and decided to give it a try because I knew that it was a product I would always be able to find. I hated it! It left so much residue, I felt like I smelled all day and was constantly reapplying.


This one also failed me. I actually didn’t like the smell of any of their deodorants, they left me stinky, sticky and uncomfortable.

Most of these can also be found at your local health food store like whole foods or natural grocer. There are so many different brands these days it is just a matter of finding which one works for you. It is a bit of a process but so worth it in the end!


A note on armpit irritation from any natural deodorant. Because these don’t have antiperspirant other than arrow root you will sweat on very hot days. The rash comes from what I call “swamp pit.” If you have a particularly sweaty day just do your best to wipe it off every once in a while to avoid any rash.

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