Moving Baby From Crib to Big Kid Bed

Moving Baby From Crib to Big Kid Bed

As our lives change, so do our children’s. Are you contemplating putting your tiny human in his new big boy bed? Chances are this change is either prompted by an escape artist or the arrival of a new baby. For me, it was the arrival of my second son. As our babies become toddlers, this change is inevitable and exciting! The following are the steps I used that lead to a flawless transition with no lost sleep for either of us.


The most important preparation is baby proofing the room. All cords must be tucked away, all outlets covered, all shelves bolted to the wall. I recommend crawling around the room at your child’s height to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Safety items:

Cord covers: these are great! Lots of lengths and can even go over the corners.

Outlet covers: you don’t need anything fancy. These are easy to unplug and use when you need the outlet for something else.

Wall anchors: Don’t skip this item! These kids are master climbers.

I chose to lock Micah in his room as a safety precaution. I couldn’t shake the image in my head of him waking up at 3 am and wandering around creating mischief or ending up in my bed.

Round door cover

Level door handle

Getting baby ready

Micah has used a nest since he was about 5 months old. I got it because we travel so much and he loved the consistency, so having a new bed everywhere we went didn’t work for him. In my opinion, the nest is one of the biggest reasons the transition went so smoothly.

Our first step in preparing Micah for the change was simply putting the bed in his room. I did this 2 or 3 months before he actually started sleeping in it so that it wasn’t scary. We would read and play on the bed to increase the familiarity. For Micah’s first bed, I opted to get him a full-sized bed instead of a toddler bed. He sleeps like a crazy person and needs the room. There have also been a couple of times he needs us in his bed, and there was no way we were going to fit on those tiny toddler beds.

Side note: If your child does not sleep through the night, I would focus on sleep training first. Giving the baby the freedom to walk around all night will take you to the brink. Check out my sleep training posts for tips and tricks. Sleep Training the Worlds Worst Sleeper and Sleep Training 101

Mattress: This mattress is so comfortable! My husband and I both love it and want one of our own! I love ordering from Wayfair because they pretty much have constant deals and free shipping.

Bed bumper: This bed bumper is super easy to use. It just goes under the sheets and doesn’t need any type of hardware. It keeps Micah in the bed but is soft enough that he doesn’t hurt himself if he rolls into it.

Making the move

We started small with nap time. The first day he wandered around for about 10 minutes and then went to bed. The second and third were about the same. Then by the 4th day, when we put him down for his nap, he went right to bed with no wandering. I decided that after 2 weeks of good napping, he’d be ready to make the move for night time.

The first night was the same as nap time. He wandered around for a few minutes and then went to bed. I did leave the crib in the room just in case he had a hard time with it. Much to my surprise, he had zero issues and slept in his nest in his bed then entire night! We never had any regression or problems!

I hope this helps!

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