Why I Don’t Diet

Why I Don’t Diet

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Whatever you do, do not scratch your nose. Your nose doesn’t itch….. stop thinking about scratching your nose because it doesn’t even itch! Tell me that reading that didn’t make your nose itch or make you picture your nose, or maybe you even got up to look at it. This is why I don’t diet. As soon as I tell myself I can’t have something, I can’t focus on anything but how much I want what I am telling myself I can’t have. A lot of people are like this and can push aside the cravings until they give in and most likely binge on it. Cheese, sweets, bread, alcohol, whatever it is.

We give these things a negative image like they are the reason that we can’t lose weight or why we are unhappy. The truth is by making them negative, by making them elusive or something we can’t have, it creates a negative relationship. The toxicity of that relationship is, in my opinion, why people can’t get healthy.

Create a positive relationship with food

Everyone has a completely different genetic composition. Remember that the next time you stare longingly at someone else’s body wishing that you looked like that. It’s true we are the product of what our ancestors have survived. For example, if your ancestors lived in the cold arctic, chances are you won’t have a cholesterol issue. Natural selection eliminated the people who couldn’t eat whale blubber all winter without having a coronary. Now, that doesn’t mean that unhealthy habits should be overlooked. You should still eat healthily and engage in physical activity regardless of your heritage.

The key to a positive relationship is moderation. If you want pizza, then have pizza! Just have a slice or 2 instead of the entire thing. Eat a salad first so you fill up on healthy veggies and then eat the pizza so you are satisfied.  You can also trick your brain into feeling satisfied by drinking water or I have heard of people chewing sweet gum to fix their cravings.

Keep a food journal

While you are rewiring your brain, it is helpful to keep a food journal. This will help you reflect on exactly how many times throughout the day you are craving certain foods and shed light on any patterns. A key component to losing weight is energy in vs. energy out. To put it simply, a calorie can be looked at as energy. If you have more energy entering the body (calories in via food) than you have going out (calories burned via exercise), you will gain weight. You don’t have to count calories forever, but doing an initial overview of a typical week will give you a great idea on if you are eating in excess or not eating enough.

First steps to eating healthy

  1. When I was training my very first advice for people was to stop eating out. Learn how to make the time to cook at home. Slow cookers, Sunday prepping, whatever you need to do to make sure that your meals are coming from your refrigerator. The meals don’t have to be healthy, the hardest thing to do is get you and your family used to eating at home. Healthy can come later once home-cooked meals aren’t such a burden.
  2. Get family support. Another major deterrent is when only one person in the family wants to get healthy and everyone else wants McDonalds. Make a family meeting to discuss that you need support and you can still eat out it just needs to be a couple times a month instead of every night.
  3. Use all the free resources. There are tons of free meal prepping ideas on the internet and Pinterest. Take advantage of all that technology has to offer.
  4. Create a vision board or some sort of visual reminder of why you are getting healthy. Do you have a trip coming up? Are you in poor health, and you are doing it for your kids? Hang up your bikini, where you will see it every day or compile pictures of big milestone events you want to see your kids accomplish.
  5. Drink water. Do whatever it takes to make yourself drink water. Check out my blog on different water bottles to help make you drink more water.

My final tip is to get a fitness tracker. I LOVE my Fitbit. The app will track my weight, I can input water consumed or food consumed and it calculates everything for me. It is an excellent device for both novice and veteran fitness enthusiasts.

Be good to yourself, stop comparing yourself, and remember nothing will change immediately you must persevere.

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